Horizon Sea Safaris

Prices & Information

We are one of the only local companies to offer discounted rates for children


Prices from 1st March 2011


Goodwin Sands Seal Encounter

 (90 mins) Adults £25, Children £18

Bays and Beaches

 (60 mins) Adults £20, Children £15

Powerboat Experience

 (15mins) £10 Each

Stour Estuary Seal Encounter

(60 mins) Adults £20, Children £15

Thanet Offshore Windfarm

(90 mins) Adult £25, Children £18

Kentish Flats and Forts

(3 Hours) £35 each (min 10 persons required)


Group and family booking rates available, call for details.

 We reserve the right to cancel any trip in the interest of safety.


Boatfone 07931 744788


Micki Dee Bee carries 12 passengers, the minimum sailing requirement is 6 adults*


*This is for all tour except the Kentish Flats and Forts where 10 persons are required